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Grants awarded by Kyösti Haataja Foundation

The foundation has appropriated 100,000 euros in grants earmarked for scientific research and postgraduate studies dealing with living conditions and business in rural areas. Such research may cover economic, social or legal issues, with preference being given to research related to the financial sector or cooperative business.

Applicants may apply for a grant

  • a) for personal research and
  • b) full-time postgraduate studies.

The deadline for applications is 4.15 pm on 7 February 2019. After the deadline, incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

More information and application instructions:


The grantee must have at least a master’s degree. As a rule, the foundation awards grants for one year at a time.

The maximum annual grant for full-time post-graduate studies amounts to 25,000 euros. Full-time studies mean here that the grantee is not in a salaried position and he/she has no financing for his/her studies from another source.

Grantees are required to provide a written research report and a summary of research results.

When it comes to large grants/research projects, the applicant is required to do research work on a full-time basis.

If the grantee works continuously for at least four months and his/her annual pay amounts to at least 3,828,13 euros at the 2018 level, he/she must report his/her grant to Mela (Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution).

All applications are submitted through an electronic grant system. Attachments to the application should be in  the PDF format.

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